Marketing you won't regret paying for!

Accurate consumer profiling and personable marketing campaigns for small businesses, start-ups, and public relations firms. 

Data Voices Marketing is located in High Bridge, NJ, Hunterdon County, with a satellite market research focus group facility in Pompton Lakes, NJ. 

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Every marketing dollar counts, that's why we use data analytics + market research. 

The consumer gold buried in a data-driven marketing and market research approach is worth digging up. Lucky for you, every marketing platform collects buckets full of insights to make profitable decisions.


The trick is integrating your marketing platforms and sifting through the data to get to the main veins. The rest is content creation and targeted marketing campaigns that address the frustrations and aspirations of the consumers most likely to buy your product or service - it's that easy.

We can help in three ways. 

Digital Marketing 

 If your company isn't getting sales leads, digital marketing may help. We use the word 'may' because the content quality and branding on your website are critical. Your company's website copywriting and videos must answer consumer questions directly and project message consistency and clarity. Think of it like hosting a birthday party for a guest of honor. The party has a theme. The important speeches note what you know about the guest and what makes her/him feel good. 


The biggest gap of consistency we see in small businesses is the dissonance between what's posted on social media and sent via email marketing. When people visit the website, they feel frustrated. Data Voices digital marketing services eliminate this frustration and build consumer trust. We guide consumers through the purchasing journey from brand awareness, consideration, and conversion. If you're ready to grow your customer base through a data-driven marketing approach, contact us for a free strategy session. You will talk to Kate Roa, a trusted and reputable marketing consultant with impeccable business ethics. more

Market Research

 If your company is entering a new market or going after a competitor's market share, market research will save you money. The biggest marketing mistake we see in small companies, start-ups, and public relations agencies are misaligned consumer messaging. Accurate consumer profiles that include behaviors, attitudes, and interests weren't integrated into the marketing strategy and planning phase. The creative team made content based on old online market research and incorrectly analyzed data from the website, social media platforms, and email marketing platforms.  

Consumers' brand affinities are fluid, so is the competitive landscape. For these reasons, Data Voices market research services are purchased yearly. We analyze all of the data points in the omnichannel marketing strategy and conduct a primary market research study to validate market alignment and market shifts. The result is tightly targeted messaging for the consumer segments most likely to purchase. more

Marketing Consulting with Kate Roa 

 If your company is looking to create a brand experience in the food and beverage, fast-casual dining, real estate, home services, or pet services industries, working with Kate Roa will be a profitable investment. Kate's achievements include positioning or securing investor funding for Mozart chocolates, Chocodiem gourmet chocolates, Parrano cheese, Maddalena's gourmet cheesecake, Crispy Greens, Rosetta's Farm spices, Condition One Nutrition, Chipotle, Liquiteria, Peoples Capital Group, Joe Peters - Coldwell Bankers, Toby Barkman Excavating, and Two Bear Healing Arts pet services. Kate also provides market research services for top public relations agencies in NYC and D.C. and is certified in the Culinary Arts.