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Hit Your Target Market in a

Big Way

Data Voices Marketing  High Bridge, NJ 

Expect Exceptional Results. 

Marketing campaigns are never launched without precise consumer profiles of the people most likely to buy.  We use the latest data science technologies, including IBM Watson for personality insights and market research surveys, to identify, segment, and target.


Getting started with Data Voices requires a 30-minute need assessment and baseline marketing audit. This step allows us to ethically advise business owners about the probability of success.  ($750.00) 


The baseline marketing audit report includes recommendations and a detailed visual overview of the data passively collected on a client's website, social media, email, and point-of-sales platforms to show what is and isn't working, and why



 Our clients don't wonder if marketing efforts will pay off. We show them what consumers are most likely to buy and what messages will work best in what communication channels. Results are measured in easy to understand monthly reports.

Market Research

 We specialize in market research. Our industry experts design quality studies that delight participants and enable business leaders to make informed decisions. Depending on the project scope, results can be delivered within one day.

Marketing Consulting

 Kate L. Roa leads the marketing and PR  consulting groups in NJ, NY, CT, and DC. Best project fits include well-funded start-ups in F&B, plant-based F&B, candy & snacks, pet services & products, and federal contracts for F&B.  


“I would give Data Voices 10 Stars if Google would allow it. Kate is superb.”

Susan J. Squiterri