Data Voices Marketing is grounded in customer satisfaction; we never take on projects that won't drive sales. Our initial evaluation price is $750. We assess the data passively collected on your website, social media channels, email marketing software, and point-of-sales system. 


If the data quality is favorable, we will show you what current marketing tactics are working and not working. We'll give you the findings with recommendations to gain quick wins.


If you would like us to work on your project, the price is $2,500 for the first month and $2,500 for the second month. While we work on your project, we teach you. The aim is to configure your marketing so you can drive leads by yourself within sixty days. 

If you would like to hire us after the sixty days for other projects, we will price them out. If you would like digital marketing consulting, the price is $175 an hour. Consulting for market research is $325 an hour. 

Our clients typically spend $10,000 to $45,000 a year to compete. This figure can include a sales lead  website designed in Shopify, Wordpress, or Wix. Content and branding are included in projects of over $15,000. This includes search engine optimized copy.

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